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The Geological Services Division, undertakes geological fieldwork throughout Guyana to investigate the geology and mineral resources and compiles relevant geological reports. Work done as part of many of the recent field projects has included regional geochemical sampling. Sampling and analytical methods used are the same for each project, eventually allowing data to be combined in the first geochemical atlas of Guyana. Samples of available data are available below as Adobe Acrobat files. Geochemical sampling techniques employed are those commonly used in wet tropical areas, with bulk-30# sediments samples taken using a flocculant and a -80 fraction separated in the laboratory. All sample processing and analysis is currently being done by Actlabs in Canada. There are a 2kg - 30# split is analysed for Au, Ag, Cu, Pd and Pt using a cyanide leach method (BLEG), and the -80# fraction is analysed for" Au plus 48" using INAA and ICP.

Nine reports on geology, geochemistry, and structure covering a total area of approximately 7000km2 in northern Guyana are available both as paper copies and as CD's. Assay results have been received for other project areas (Kaburi, Barama Logging Roads, Kuyuwini, Kurupukari, Kaburi Gap, Omai Gap, Arisaru, Mara Mara, Demerara Headwaters, West Aurora and Demerara Bend), and reports are under preparation. Fieldwork has been done in the Kaburi Gap and Omai Gap (Phase 2) assay results are pending, while Arisaru's was received.

Details of recent reports are:

Projects Reports on CD's

Project completed but not on CD

Assays Available






Barama Roads



Demerara Bend



Demerara Head Waters


Project (Assays Pending)




Kaburi Gap


Kaburi-Kaburi Gap Phase 2


Morabisi North








Mara Mara

Upper Puruni





West Aurora


A number of regional maps summarising the geology, mineral resource potential, geochemistry and licence status are available or will be available soon as paper prints, and/or on CD as GIS data and Adobe Acrobat pdf files. These include:

Geological Map of Guyana (1,112kb).
Mineral Exploration Map of Guyana (1,866kb).
Licence Status Map of Guyana (389kb).

Draft Geochemical Atlas of Guyana : Au. As. Cu. Sb. Ta. (Files approx 1mb each)


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