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By ourselves, and in partnership with others, finding, inventorying and producing minerals, mineral commodities and petroleum in accordance with acceptable international standards, for the earning of revenue and other benefits for the citizens of Guyana

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The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) was created in 1979 from the Department of Geological Surveys and Mines which itself was the successor to the Geological Survey of British Guiana. Currently GGMC is divided into the following technical divisions:

  • Geological Services
  • Mines
  • Environment
  • Petroleum
  • Land Management
The technical divisions are assisted by the Administration and Finance Divisions to carry out their respective mandates.The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission's Role is:
  • To act as a development change agent in the diversification of the economic base of Guyana through its activities in the mineral sector;
  • To create the opportunities for rapid economic development which an expanding mineral sector is ideally suited to provide;
  • To act as a national repository for all information relating to geology and mineral resources which will facilitate an understanding of the resource base of the country;
  • To provide to the general public the basic prospection information and advisory services, on the available economic mineral prospects;
  • To provide advice to the government on appropriate mineral policy matters so that Guyana's mineral resources can be rationally
    developed and utilized;
  • To regulate on behalf of the government all activities in the mineral sector.
The functions of the commission are :
  • Promotion of mineral development;
  • Provision of technical assistance and advice in mining, mineral processing, mineral utilisation and marketing of mineral resources;
  • Mineral exploration;
  • Research in exploration, mining, and utilisation of minerals and mineral products;
  • Enforcement of the conditions of Mining Licences, Mining Permits, Mining Concessions, Prospecting Licences (for Large Scale Operations), Prospecting Permits (for Medium and Small Scale operations) and Quarry Licences;
  • Collection of Rentals, fees, charges, levies etc. payable under the Mining Act;
  • Hall Marking.

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